Journal subject areas

Weather and Climate Dynamics's subject areas are defined by the following index terms. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for the assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual co-editors:

  • dynamical processes in the tropics, incl. tropical–extratropical interactions;
  • dynamical processes in midlatitudes;
  • dynamical processes in polar regions, incl. polar–midlatitude interactions;
  • interactions of atmospheric flows with cloud physics and/or radiation;
  • links between the atmospheric water cycle and weather systems;
  • atmospheric teleconnections incl. stratosphere–troposphere coupling;
  • boundary-layer dynamics incl. coupling to land, ocean and ice;
  • atmospheric predictability;
  • role of atmospheric dynamics in palaeoclimate;
  • role of atmospheric dynamics in climate change projections;
  • and other aspects of weather and climate dynamics.